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Sun Ra & His Astro-Ihnfinity Arkestra Sun Embassy LP

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* Check out an excellent video interview with Paul Metzger here.

* Crystal Syphon has reunited and begun to play out again. Check out “Family Evil” and “Try Something Different”from their first proper gig in 40+ years.

* Jeff Fuccillo has made the outtakes from the Disturbed Strings session available for download : while the LP featured Fuccillo’s solo guitar with John Fahey on various sound effects, this material is a guitar duet between the two. Buy it fromUnion Pole.

* Carei Thomas has published a mammoth compendium of his work, Compositions And Concepts, available directly from him.

* A collection of Twin Cities Free Improvisers is featured on the tcFREE CD, including exclusive tracks by the George Cartwright / Davu Seru duo, Paul Metzger, and a host of other excellent folks, in a beautiful screenprinted sleeve; available from Insides Music.

* An excerpt from Nelson Gastaldi’s Symphony No. 3 is featured on The Wire Tapper 28 CD, included with every copy of the April 2012 issue of The Wire.

* Pauline Oliveros gives a performance of To Valerie Solanas And Marilyn Monroe In Recognition Of Their Desperation at the Tate Modern in London on 3 May 2012.

* A new Rotate The Completor cassette ep is available from Epic Sweep Records.

* The first side of Steve Lacy’s Sideways LP is now available on the CD The Sun, from Emanem.

* The mysterious Rotate The Completor has a new track on a free, downloadable compilation of music from Tauranga, New Zealand.